McCoy Tyner: Outburst of energy

No. 33, 1975, page 40

Well, Trane was a teremendous influence on me from the very young age. I think that one factor that still remains is that we were allowed to develop our own sound. Elvin (Jones) had his own identity and I had my own identity. And it was the meeting of these identities that made the band what it was. John never told Elvin or me to play this or that way. He was the major influence on the band, but we contributed our own personalities. We were like one engine in which four pistons are moving. Without the pistons the car wouldn’t run. And it was the same thing with our music. We were marriage of four people and that was the reason why we were able to play together so well. I feel very proud to be still identified with the group. It was a major part of my life.

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