Portraits - Horace Silver

No. 22, 1973, page 52

I feel that I have, well, I know that I have an original style on the piano, and that whenever I am heard, anyone who’s familiar with jazz or my playing can recognize after a few bars that it’s me. I was always more fond of those people who had an original style. I said to myself that one day I am going to have my name on one of those jazz records and I’m going to go down in jazz history as having my own individual style. I’ve always placed more importance on being a stylist instead of a technician. I have technical ability, not as much as other people, but I have enough to exploit all the ideas that I have. And as a composer, the same thing applied. I’ve always wanted to be a composer of originality. Someone who writes a song that when it’s player, someone can listen to it and say, „Wait a minute, what’s that? Oh, that sounds like Horace Silver! That must be one of his compositions!” That’s the type of thing I’m always striving for.

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