Dom nasz zawsze był pełen muzyki. Najpierw za sprawą ojca, a gdy on oddalił się razem z tym fortepianem, o moją edukację muzyczną zadbali bracia: Aleksander i Jarosław.  >>>
Dla B.B. Kinga blues jest czymś „świętym”, a posłannictwie jego życia jest niesienie w świat tej rdzennej amerykańskiej, czarnej muzyki.  >>>
Zespół powstał 20 lat temu, czyli w 1962 r., w moim mieszkaniu w Krakowie, gdzie wraz z Ryśkiem Kwaśniewskim, Zdzisławem Garlejem i Alkiem Czernickim słuchaliśmy tego dnia starej płyty Bixa Beiderbecke’a (...)  >>>

Technical requirements

For our website to load properly, you will need one of the following web browsers:  FireFox 3, Safari 5, Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 or newer. To browse the page contents of   www.polishjazzarch.com, it is also indispensable to install Adobe Flash Player, version not earlier than 9, and to view the educational materials (multimedia presentations) – version 10.

For the archive of “Jazz Forum” magazine, the pages of each issue have been scanned one by one, including the covers, and subsequently processed using OCR software which converted the scanned pages into PDF files containing BOTH the image of the original page and the recognised text. The degree of recognition accuracy depends mainly on the quality of the scanned materials and oscillates around 90 per cent (some problems with searching for individual phrases may appear in the case of pages containing graphic components, such as covers, advertisements or title pages).

Subsequently, the texts from the PDF files have been entered into the database – again page by page – to make quick search and correction possible. Thus, the archive should be viewed more as a collection of individual issues, in which the smallest unit for the identification of any given text is a single page. It is not possible to search the archive on the basis of tables of contents for each  issue, or to search through the contents of an article spread over several pages of an issue.

Some of the errors which occurred in the process of OCR translation of the scans have already been corrected in the database, but in  some of the PDF documents the program does not recognise di-vi-ded words, or it is not case sensitive. It may happen, therefore, that when the final PDF image view opens, you will see this message: “No results found  for your search.”


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